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Welcome to my homepage!  

Any project might become critical as soon as development objectives are
likely to recede into the distance.
This is not a quite unusual situation in the demanding project business.

Is your project about to run into a critical phase?
Are you still able to keep your prices stable?
Is your project still on schedule?
Do you need technical assistance?

As a graduated mechanical engineer (German Dipl.-Ing.) with an additional degree in business studies I have gained in more than 20 years my extensive experience as a team player and project manager in the fields of engine development and acquisition of technical parts for the Bavarian automotive industry.
These two Key Activities have shaped my technical and business
core competencies.

My work is guided by both the Motivation and the Guidelines of MetaEngineering
(meta = Greek for inbetween)

I am speaking English and French fluently and have as well a good command
of the Portuguese language.

I would be glad to assist you with my comprehensive Know-how, in any part of the world, as your Project Manager with heart and mind in challenging situations.

Rudolf Bruns



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